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Quakers further afield

You are on the Lewes Quaker website, and there are plenty of other Quaker websites from around the world for you to explore.

Quaker Speak, at http://quakerspeak.com.

This site hosts a wide range of small videos on Quaker topics, updated weekly. It’s an American site and as such reflects the concerns of Quakers in the USA, but these are not dissimilar to the concerns of British Friends even if the language is slightly different. As an introduction, try this interview (http://quakerspeak.com/went-anarchist-quaker/) with Ben Pink Dandelion, as he describes his journey from being an anarchist to Professor and Director of the Centre for Postgraduate Quaker Studies at Woodbrooke.

Or, of course, browse from the home page (http://quakerspeak.com)